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ACHA Eligibility

Full ACHA Eligibility Rules: (Semester Hours X1.5 =Quarter Hours) 

A. Men’s Division 2 student-athletes shall be enrolled in a program of study leading to an associate, baccalaureate, masters, or doctoral degree as determined by the regulations of the university or college. Men’s Division 2 student-athletes shall be degree seeking according to that school’s definition of degree seeking and carry a minimum credit requirement of nine (9) semester hours (or the equivalent quarter hours) for undergraduates and six(6) semester hours (or equivalent quarter hours) for master or doctoral candidates .


B. ACHA student athletes must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 by the beginning of the student’s second year of eligibility.


C. Special student-athlete cases must have certification of full-time status from the Dean and/or school Registrar.


D. Men’s Division 2 student-athletes must successfully complete (take and pass) the minimum of required credit hours each semester (or equivalent quarter hours) as outlined in Article IV, section D, Subsection 3, Paragraph A, in both the Spring and Fall semesters or equivalent quarter to be eligible for play the following semester or quarter. [2006] E. A Men’s Division 2 student-athlete shall have five (5) years of ACHA eligibility. If, however, the student- athlete was on an NCAA D1, or ACHA D1 roster at any level at any time for more than one (1) year two (2) semesters, the student-athlete is restricted to four (4) years of ACHA Men’s Division 2 play, minus his time at the NCAA or Canadian University (CIAU) level. [2016]


F. ACHA student athletes attending a two-year Junior College shall have three (3) years of the allotted five (5) years of ACHA eligibility. If the student athlete subsequently transfers to a four-year university or college, he will be permitted to complete his five (5) year eligibility minus the time spent on a National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) roster. [2016]


G. A senior in the last semester or quarter prior to graduation is not required to meet the required semester or quarter hour minimum.


H. In order to be eligible to play for their new school, transfer students must have been eligible to play for their previous team at the time they transferred. If they were not so eligible, they cannot participate until they satisfy all eligibility requirements as if they previously played for new team.


I. A Men’s Division 2 student-athlete participating in less than 20% of his team’s games (including preseason & exhibition) shall not lose a year of ACHA Men’s Division2 eligibility in any one season. A player that participates in 20% or more of the team’s games will be assessed a year of eligibility. Red - Shirted student-athlete’s names must be submitted at the beginning of the season along with the teams registration form.


J. No student-athlete may participate in more than five (5) national tournaments (including regional tournaments). [2006]


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